Takaful health and accident



  • Members must be individuals aged between 15-70 years of age (71-80 years of age, only in the case of renewal).
  • Be in good health There is no part with disabilities and no congenital disease and passed the consideration according to the conditions set by the company.
  • Must fill out a request By considering in accordance with the company's rules and conditions
  • The company reserves the right to adjust contributions in the year to age. By considering the age of membership and the history of claims

Do not accept professional members.

Motorbike taxi / Construction worker / Mechanic / Laborer / Miner / Fisherman / Electrician / Guard / Glass cleaner / Fireman / Stuntman performer / Bus driver / Driver Taxi / Bus driver / Racing driver / Boxer / Mountain climber / Digger / Boat driver / Volunteer / Diver / Antenna installer / Billboard installer / Technician student / Courier / Industrial worker / Gas factory worker / High-rise building glass cleaner Or other occupations with the same level of risk


Exceptions do not cover cases

1. Any illness Occurring within 30 days (Waiting Period) after the insurance policy is first effective
2. Illness following Due to the gallbladder Or all types of cancer, all types of hemorrhoids, hernia Pterygium or cataract Cutting of all kinds of Tolsil or adenoids, stones, varicose veins on the legs. The lining in the uterus grows in the wrong place. Occurred within the period of 120 days (Waiting Period) after the policy is first effective
3. Injury, Sick / Chronic Disease That was before the insurance. And has not been recovered before the insurance policy takes effect for the first time And treatments that are not medically necessary
4.Protection of funeral expenses And funeral expenses Not covered in the event of death from illness occurring within a period of 180 days. After the first mandatory insurance policy

Members should understand the details of coverage and conditions every time before deciding to enter into a Takaful contract.


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